System Training

Training is of vital importance with any project

‘What’s the point of the latest technology if you don’t know how to use it?’

And we have always ensured that our clients are properly trained or have training made available to them.

As a company, the directors came from a training background including creating practical and theoretical training programmes subjects as diverse as Missile Systems, Skiing, Free-Fall Parachuting, Mountaineering, PowerPoint Presentations, Train the Trainer and Speaker & Presentation Skills to name a few.

When Interactive Whiteboards were first introduced, the directors were the first to write University Accredited Training Programmes and were the only company in the world with all the boards together under one location for side by side evaluation and training.

This has led us to becoming partners with the likes of Samsung and one of their first training providers for their MagicInfo Digital Signage Software, along with Promethean, Steljes and Sahara to name a few.

However, as with all technology, it has now become very diverse, and in keeping with our mandate to be able to provide unbiased and all brand support and services, we no longer look to keep trainers for all products in-house. To do so would mean an increase in overheads and costs which would need to be passed back to you, our clients.

We now partner with a number of associate companies who provide specific training for certain products and software. In this way, we can ensure we are providing the best solution for our clients at no cost increase and can ensure our partners remain at the highest professional levels in their field.

For our overall project installations, Phoenix AV provide an in-house training service along with our Bespoke Operational Handbooks and Manuals.

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