RM: Travel Centres

Travel Centres include Air and Sea Ports as well as rail and bus stations. Clear, reliable and easy to read signage is paramount along with the other AV requirements.

We can provide for a variety of AV systems pertinent to such places including:

  • External Signage 
    • Large format pixel LED Billboard Screens
    • Large LED Signage Systems
    • Wayfinding Screens
  • Internal Signage 
    • General Information & Digital Signage Screens
    • Wayfinding & Interactive Site Maps
    • Interactive Information Screens & Kiosk Systems
    • Multi-Screen & Multi-Pattern Videowall Systems
    • LED Screens for walls and walkways (i.e. floor tiling)
  • Audio Systems
    • Background Music Systems
    • Tannoy & Public Announcement Systems
    • Automated information Systems
  • Additional Furnishings 
    • Atomic LED Clocks
    • BYOD Charger Security Cabinets – charge phones and tablets in secure lockers
  • Additional Considerations
    • RFID Tracker systems
    • CCTV & Monitoring Cameras
    • Access Security
  • Additional Areas & Behind the Scenes



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