RM: Retail Areas

Information is key for retail outlets to advertise new products and draw in customers. Interactive point of sale allows customers a better browsing experience and leads to more purchasing.

We can offer a range of products designed to help advertise your products. in addition, we work with a number of agencies who can both create advertising content and manage the ongoing system updates.

The following applies to individual retail outlets and large shopping malls:

  • External Signage 
    • Large format pixel LED Billboard Screens
    • Large LED Signage Systems
    • Wayfinding – includes interactive information points
  • Internal Signage & Imaging
    • General Information & Welcome Screens
    • Interactive Information Screens – Catalogues  .  Availability  .  Ideas 
    • Digital Signage Systems – Local and cloud-based multi-location systems
    • Large Format Screens & Videowalls –  Large retail outlets  . Malls 
    • LED Floor Tiles – Catwalks  .  Public Areas 
    • Transparent LED Screens
    • Transparent Presentation Showcases
    • Mirrored Digital Signage Screens – Public Areas  .  Changing Rooms  .  Clothing Stores  .  Washrooms
    • 3D and Holographic Product Advertising
  • Audio Solutions 
    • Sound Systems for Background Music or Information Announcements
    • Microphone and Tannoy Systems – Announcements
  • Additional Considerations
    • Point of Sale Systems
    • Centralised Control Solutions
    • AR Solutions for Advertising and Information Enhancements


To help you consider what is needed for your project and to understand some of the requirements or questions you will be asked, visit our Pre-Project FAQ Pages

We work in association with a number of design companies who can assist with planning the look of your various room requirements.

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