RM: Places of Worship

Places of Worship regardless of faith or denomination are using audio visual technology to improve the experience for the worshippers as well as keep up to date for younger members.

We can install a range of solutions to assist regardless of location:

  • External Signage 
    • Large Format LED Billboard Screens
    • Large LED Signage Screens
  • Internal Signage & presentation 
    • General Information & Welcome Screens
    • Projectors & Screens for Service Display – Electric systems to hide when not required 
    • LED Screens for Service Display – Large screens and smaller repeat screens for large venues
    • Interactive Information Screens – For larger venues open as visitor interest sites 
  • Audio Systems
    • Discrete Speaker Systems for Service Enhancement
    • Microphones for Presenters / Service Leaders – includes fixed at podium or wireless lapel for extra mobility
    • Amplifiers & Digital Matrix Processors
    • Music Playback Systems
  • Additional Suggestions & Recommendations 
    • Video Conferencing – To connect with other locations world-wide
    • CCTV & Monitoring – For external worshipper inclusion 
    • Tele-prompt Systems
    • Touch Tablets – For Children – can be programmed with themed content


To help you consider what is needed for your project and to understand some of the requirements or questions you will be asked, visit our Pre-Project FAQ Pages

We work in association with a number of design companies who can assist with planning the look of your various room requirements.

Give us call to see how we can help you:  01939 200467