RM: Recreational Activities

Going to a restaurant or cafeteria, it helps to both know what your options are as well as be in nice surroundings. Bars and clubs look to elevate the overall ambience with a little more ‘excitement’.

We can cater for a range of products and solutions that can help to create a unique atmosphere in your establishment:

  • External Signage 
    • Large format pixel LED Billboard Screens
    • Large LED Signage Systems
  • Internal Signage & Imaging
    • General Information & Welcome Screens
    • Guest Waiting Area Digital Signage, Information & TV Screens
    • Interactive Information Screens – Menus  .  Facilities  
    • Large Format Screens & Videowalls –  Bars and Sports Bars  . Dance Clubs
    • Large Screen Projection Systems
    • LED Floor Tiles – Dance Clubs (Dance floors and lit Walkways)
    • Transparent LED Screens
    • Mirrored Digital Signage Screens – Washrooms
  • Reception Furniture
    • Bespoke Reception Desks
  • Audio Solutions 
    • Sound Systems for Background Music or Information Announcements
    • Mainline Speakers and Amplifier Systems – Dance Clubs & Bars
    • Sound & Mixing Desk Systems
    • Microphone and Tannoy Systems – Announcements
  • Additional Considerations
    • Point of Sale Systems
    • Centralised Control Solutions


To help you consider what is needed for your project and to understand some of the requirements or questions you will be asked, visit our Pre-Project FAQ Pages

We work in association with a number of design companies who can assist with planning the look of your various room requirements.

Give us call to see how we can help you:  01939 200467