RM: Factory & Workshop

Factory and workshop areas can range from small to very large spaces. Ensuring employees and visitors see potential life-saving as well as general information could be vital.

We can provide for a variety of AV systems pertinent to such places including:

  • Visitor Booking In 
    • Touch Screen Booking In Systems
    • Built-In Camera for Visual Records and Identification
    • Pre-Book Capability for staff with email / text notification to host on guest registration
    • Print Visitor ID Labels including Barcode Scanner for easy Check In / Out during day
    • Print Safety Registers for Building Evacuation etc.
    • Staff / Employee Card system for easy Booking In
  • External Signage 
    • Large format pixel LED Billboard Screens
    • Large LED Signage Systems
    • Wayfinding Screens
  • Internal Signage 
    • General Information & Digital Signage Screens
    • Wayfinding & Interactive Site Maps
    • Interactive Information Screens & Kiosk Systems
    • Multi-Screen & Multi-Pattern Videowall Systems
    • LED Screens for walls and walkways (i.e. floor tiling)
  • Presentation Options
    • Connection to Screen Options for Localised Presentations
    • Solutions for Inductions and Pre-Visit Briefings
  • Audio Systems
    • Background Music Systems
    • Tannoy & Public Announcement Systems
    • Automated information Systems
  • Additional Furnishings 
    • Seated Booths & Huddle Spaces
    • LED Clocks
    • BYOD Charger Security Cabinets – charge phones and tablets in secure lockers
  • Additional Considerations
    • RFID Tracker systems – Equipment  .  Individuals
    • CCTV & Monitoring Cameras – including recording for H&S or Procedures & Training
    • Access Security – includes auto-detection shut-down and locking systems
    • Control Systems



To help you consider what is needed for your project and to understand some of the requirements or questions you will be asked, visit our Pre-Project FAQ Pages

We work in association with a number of design companies who can assist with planning the look of your various room requirements.

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