RM: Command & Control

Command and Control Centres, whether fixed or mobile, for manufacturing, Health & Safety, ‘Blue Light’ or Environmental / Disaster management, all have a vital role to play and systems must be reliable, easy to use and robust.

We can provide for all kinds of solutions as well as provide functionality, flexibility and ease of use including the following:

  • General Signage  
    • Networked Digital Signage System – allows for instant information and updates to linked screens anywhere (i.e. corporate / government head offices)
  • View Screens  
    • Large Format LED screens up to 100″ plus – for high definition viewing in fixed locations
    • LED screens 32″ up for fixed and mobile use – In buildings or mobile command vehicles
    • Multi-Screen Videowall systems – For single or multiple large image and information viewing 
    • Interactive Touch Screens – for collaborative presentations and planning capability 
    • Wireless Connectivity – allows any authorised user to interact / collaborate using any BYOD system
    • 3D Screens – for latest 3D camera and drone technology playbacks
  • Communications
    • Video conferencing Solutions
    • Peer to Peer Conferencing Systems – Direct channels to specific locations 
    • Collaboration Software – allows for users to collaborate on project notes and data from anywhere and any wireless device
    • Audio Systems – Includes Speakers – Conference Mic systems – Amplifiers – Radio Mics
  • Control
    • Bespoke Control Desks
    • Touch Screen and Button Control Modules
  • Additional Considerations
    • CCTV Systems
    • RFID & Tracker Systems for external worldwide use (individuals or equipment)
    • Interactive Touch Desks for Visitor Information & Seating Areas
    • Worldwide Atomic LED Clocks & Geochrons


To help you consider what is needed for your project and to understand some of the requirements or questions you will be asked, visit our Pre-Project FAQ Pages

We work in association with a number of design companies who can assist with planning the look of your various room requirements.

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