Public Sector & Entertainment


The advances in audio visual technology is helping to revitalise museums and public visitor sites. By using strategically placed screens and audio playback systems, visitors are better able to understand the information shown whilst 3D, Augmented Reality and holographic systems are bringing exhibits to ‘life’, wowing audiences and sparking the interest in the younger generations.


NHS & Blue Light

Phoenix AV have been able to provide a range of audio visual support services and solutions into the NHS and Blue Light sector. These have included systems evaluations such as arranging for site tests between interactive products for ward use; standard office and training facilities; interactive screens for nurse stations and wards; video conferencing for external site communications, digital signage and more.

In addition, we have been able to source and provide specialist equipment, not normally found under an AV heading, but in support of the training challenges identified such as the Dental Endoscope system for the Belshill Campus, Glasgow University project and later installed into the UCL – Eastman Dental Clinic.

  • UCL – Eastman Dental Clinic
  • High Weald, Lewes & Havens CCG
  • Plymouth NHS Trust


Sports & Entertainment

The public face of sport and entertainment generally consists of display systems. The digital signage screens found in sports complexes are used for information, relaxation and motivation, often located by various training equipment. However, larger videowalls with multiple screens can be used in standard or creative shapes and styles whilst for very large venues such as football grounds, the large outdoor ultra bright LED walls are generally considered.

There is also the non-public side such as the meeting rooms, VIP suites, training facilities, restaurants and changing rooms all of which incorporate Audio Visual systems and solutions.

  • Telford Ice Rink – Videowall
  • Birmingham Custard Factory – Cinema


Government & Military

Government and military establishments can require any of the services and facilities mentioned in all of our service sectors due to their diversity of locations, establishment types and services provided. However, they also require a discrete and secure approach due to the sensitive nature of the potential requirements and locations.

  • Birmingham City Council – Video Conferencing
  • Kent County Council



Religious establishments are embracing modern technology to assist with their teachings and services. Many churches feature projectors and screens or large format LED screens to assist worshippers in joining in with the services; these same screens are often used to provide interesting historical information when the facility is open to the general public.

Additionally, video conferencing is being used by those organisations with an international spread allowing them to communicate and worship together across the globe.



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