PROJECT: Matrix Capital

August 2018

Matrix Capital are a small award winning Financial Planning Company based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Within their meeting room, they had an LCD TV wall mounted into which was connected an external NUC PC and Apple TV Receiver. These were used to access their server and bring up their client files, allowing them to be discussed in comfort within the meeting room.

However, apart from issues of resolution, the management and advisers wanted to be able to have a system that would allow them to have a whiteboard / flip chart feature, the notes of which could be added to and included with individual client files. The ability to interact further with those files would be a bonus.

Following the initial meeting, Phoenix AV recommended the 55″ CleverTouch Pro screen which was taken up by Matrix Capital. The screen was duly installed and replaced the original TV solution.

Apart from providing a slightly larger, brighter and clearer viewing area, the CleverTouch featured all their requirements and more. Firstly, the electronic clipboard feature they wanted was an integral part with Lynx Pro. Users can switch on the screen and immediately open the Lynx Pro whiteboard software to draw, erase and move annotations on any number of pages, as well as import captured snippets from other files and web pages, all of which could be added to the client files as requested.

In addition, the optional slide-in OPS PC allows them to open any windows application from their server and interact with them as well including annotating over and saving those to file too.

The Pro series features the CleverShare system which allows anyone with a wireless device (laptop, tablet or smart-phone) to connect with the screen and present data, now making it easier for clients to display their own information. Furthermore, the 1 – 4 screen view facility means easy screen and presentation / files comparisons.

Finally, the addition of a Logitech Meetup video conferencing camera now means that the Matrix Capital advisers can hold face to face conferences with clients unable to make it to the office and saving time and money for them.

Installation was completed in approximately half a day with a follow up training session for the main users.

Total cost was just under £ 5,300 net.

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