Project Management

Managing highly specialised audio visual projects can:

  • Be time consuming for personnel with other workloads to complete
  • Be a drain on finances if not properly managed
  • Require of special knowledge of audio visual systems
  • Require an ability to communicate with various specialist technicians
  • Require coordination of product delivery and quality control
  • Require constant monitoring to meet time schedules
  • Require an understanding of final delivery and performance standards.

We can provide:

  • Single point of contact for you and your sub-contractors
  • Monitor and vet sub-contractors and their skills / qualifications
  • Monitor and check distribution outlets and suppliers
  • Ensure site, quality and management practices are complied with and adhered to
  • Liaise with any other required site personnel (architects, main Project Managers etc.)
  • Oversee and guide any technical installation works by nominated sub-contractors
  • Provide Operations Manuals if required
  • Facilitate commissioning and hand-over


Quite often, projects can find themselves in a ‘headless’ situation where a number of factors have jumbled together without cohesion such as the recycling of existing equipment from an existing build to be integrated with new equipment from different suppliers and installed by possibly unknown providers with a need for final integration and programming.

Our Project Management Services are designed to help you overcome the issues associated with audio-visual projects and installations such as those listed above.

With our experiences and skills working on a wide range of projects be they from new construction sites, renovation or upgrades and in a wide variety of sectors from business and higher education to consumer and government, we can ensure your audio visual projects progress with minimal headaches and a smooth outcome for you and your team.

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