Additional Office Projects


The number of projects we have completed far outnumber the spaces within our front page box.

Please find below a list of some of the recent projects and where applicable, Case Study documents.

If you have any queries regarding our projects, don't hesitate to get in touch.


[August 2018] Matrix Capital are an award winning Financial Planning Company based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.Their project consisted of an update to their meeting room TV system which was upgraded to a 55" Interactive Touch Solution with Video Conference Camera..

Case Study

Project: £ 5,300 net approx.


[January 2018] Loyalty Logistix based in Bangor have a requirement to communicate with overseas clients. Unfortunately, they are unable to use Skype for their video conferencing sessions.

Phoenix AV provided them with a LifeSize Cloud 5 - mobile video conferencing system which licences 5 staff members to utilise video conferencing by licencing 5 devices from which they can hold conference sessions with up to 25 members at any time anywhere. Other features meant they had a simple, but highly flexible, cost effective solution.

Project: £ 1,500 net approx.


[June 2017] Cruckton Hall School has been a leading resource in the UK for children and young people with Asperger's Syndrome, ADD and ADHD.

Their initial requirement was for a method of connecting with their existing projectors wirelessly to negate the need to use cables during meetings and class teaching sessions. The recommendation was for the WePresent Wireless Presentation system which was deployed in a number of rooms.

Project: £ 2,130 net approx

[June 2018] The following year saw a need to update the interactive facilities in one of their classrooms. Due to the nature of the student issues, an interactive screen was not recommended. Instead, the school was supplied with a metalic magnetic projection board and the portable wireless eBeam interactive device which provided the flexibility of use and set up.

Project: £ 1,070 net approx


[November 2017] Piteau Associates offer geotechnical, water management and environmental consultation. With a head office in Canada and other offices worldwide, good communications is paramount. Phoenix AV were requested to improve their meeting room and conferencing capabilities.

A simple solution was installed consisting of a wall mounted 55" Sony Screen with dual functionality for in-house presentations and a Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera.

Project: £ 2,453 net approx.