Manufacturing generally have highly practical requirements

Manufacturing generally have highly practical requirements ranging from simple factory floor signage systems to complex command and control facilities.

No two establishments are the same and each must be approached with an innovative eye. There are different considerations depending on whether the areas are open, potentially dirty and dusty such as the machine shop floor to highly sterile laboratories and restricted areas.

There needs to be a full understanding of what the facility is, health and safety implications as well as operational capabilities in order to ensure the right and appropriate equipment is recommended taking into account factors such as IP ratings and medical acceptance grades.

Systems such as those for visitor and employee access and monitoring along with equipment and documentation may be required, utilising registration software or even RFID to follow and pinpoint locations; cameras and specialised recording solutions or active opaque switching glass for sensitive areas. As well as these, there are options such as AR and 3D to assist in training users or for demonstration equipment and areas with limited access.

We believe we have the ability to understand the requirements including important considerations such as minimal down times for installation (cost to client), reliability within the environment and proper H&S awareness to work in these conditions.


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Access Control & Visitor Monitoring (including RFID)
  • Networked Signage Solutions
  • Visitor Information & Tour Guide Systems
  • Board, Meeting & Training Facilities
  • Video-conferencing Systems
  • Bespoke Command & Control Facilities
  • 3D and AR solutions for process and procedural displays and training

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