Higher Education

What considerations are needed for Higher Education?

H.E was at the back of the queue in the new technology era

Corporate business led the way with the introduction of projection systems into meeting and training rooms, but primary education led the way with interactive teaching technologies such as interactive whiteboards. The audio visual technologies worked their  way UP the system through secondary to higher education establishments where students were arriving and expecting to find advanced teaching technology and teaching methods in the same vein or better than their secondary schools.

It has now been shown that many students choose their university based on their technological capability and advancements

However, at Phoenix AV we have a long background in training ranging from practical to theory lessons, simple to highly technical including staff members have won national awards such as Freelance Trainer of the Year from the Institute of I.T. Training (now, Learning & Performance Institute).

We understand that technology for technology’s sake can have a detrimental effect and have in the past visited establishments where large sums have been spent for little real gain – a waste of time, resources and money.

However, we know too that it IS possible to create exciting, easy to use but captivating training and teaching solutions that can take an establishment up to the next level. Simple ideas can have powerful results such as converting medical college’s lecture theatre to a 3D theatre, allowing for CSI style 3D views of cadavers and body parts; the use of Augmented Reality for engineering as well as properly thought out and installed interactive systems to connect and engage students and lecturers, not just across one site, but anywhere.

One final and equally important consideration is the ease of use. Not for the students – they have grown up with the technology, but for the lecturers. One of the biggest factors in introducing these systems is in part the ‘fear of technology’ experienced by some lecturers. To quote one of our directors:

What is the point of the latest technology if you don’t know how to use it?

We believe that the users of the technology need to be engaged and, with our experiences of having to deliver complex subjects, take great care to ensure our solutions are innovative, imaginative, functional and most importantly, easy to learn and use..

These include:

  • Lecture Theatres & Auditoriums including 3D
  • General Training, Classrooms & Laboratories
  • Digital Signage & Wayfinding Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Custom Built Lecterns & Furniture
  • Language Labs (Software & Hardware)
  • Interactive Technology & Control Systems
  • 3D and Augmented Reality Programmes and Software for teaching

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Some of our projects include: