Corporate Training

Corporate Training has its own specialist audio visual requirements

Although we list Corporate Business as one of the sectors we provide for, we feature Corporate Training as a separate sector and consideration.

Educational establishments from primary to secondary level have the same kind of requirements replicated throughout the country, just product brands differ. At higher education, this is less so, but with over 130 universities, there is still some duplication and copying of facilities depending on the subject matter.

Corporate training however, tends to be much more individualistic and more subject, product or procedure specific. It should not be treated as just another training facility at the outset, regardless of how basic the requirement could be.

The range of innovative technology, products and solutions available can make corporate training into state of the art learning platforms, regardless of the subject.

Not just installing audio visual hardware; the latest in 3D, Augmented Reality and Holographic imagery can turn even the most technical of learning subjects into one more easily and enjoyably assimilated by the students.

Phoenix AV has a long background in the designing and delivery of specialist training subjects and consequently, innovative ideas and solutions on how to deliver them. This can be seen in some of our awards for our staff, company and clients including: winners of IITT Freelance Trainer of the Year, Scottish Business to College Awards and National Work Based Learning Award as well as runners up in the AV Awards Business Installation of the Year and Learning Technologies Solution of the Year. We were the first to write training programmes for the then new interactive whiteboard systems when they were first introduced and have designed technical training for systems as diverse as Military Missile Systems.

Services include:

  • Innovative AV Design Solutions
  • Supply and Installation of all AV Technologies
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Interactive Collaboration systems – Local & Multi-Site
  • Use of 3D, Augmented Reality and Holographic images for enhanced training and learning
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Bespoke Operational Handbooks and Manuals

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