Corporate Business


Corporate Business probably has
the greatest diversity of requirements

Corporate business has probably the greatest diversity of audio visual requirements of all the sectors. These range from showcasing offices and factories, providing meeting and / or training facilities, through to solutions to aide with product marketing and sales.

Areas and designs are extremely individual and cannot / should not be a pre-packaged solution ‘shoe-horned’ to fit the situation. Reception areas can range from small and functional to flamboyant opulence, whilst meeting rooms can be for large numbers with an international presence down to those designed for multi-functional use, be that meetings, training, laboratory or basic video conferencing.

‘We are not interested in what you think you’ve seen or heard’
‘We need to understand what it is in your wildest dreams that you want to accomplish’

Quite often, audio visual projects are led by the AV provider, subliminally leading the client and providing a packaged solution without really understanding what the client wants to do. Furthermore, clients can often be ‘swayed’ by what they think is out there and their understanding of it. They see a new system and start to try and think of how they might use it within their own environments, even if it’s not necessarily right.

That is the wrong approach!

YOU – the client, needs to focus on what it is YOU do, what it is YOU want to achieve and, if anything in your wildest imagination was possible, what that would be to help you achieve it.

Our role is to understand the above and then find a way to translate that into reality with a system that does what YOU want it to do and achieve, using ideas and technologies that may even be new to you.

Company Mission Statement

‘To provide the best professional consultation and advice, followed by the provision of the right equipment,
training and ongoing support, to ensure our client’s needs are properly met and satisfie

It is by taking this approach and by fully understanding what the client wants to do, we can then look in places that are not always obvious. This can take time, but we believe in taking time for our clients which is why we have been able to deliver projects that have surpassed our client’s expectations and in some cases, won them national awards and recognition..

Some of our provisions include: 

  • Board, Meeting & Training Facilities
  • Reception & Visitor Areas
  • Registration, Access & Security Monitoring
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Video & Audio Conferencing Solutions
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Integrated Control Systems
  • Bespoke Furniture including intelligent Glass

If you have an idea of what you want, no matter how ‘wacky’

or even if you have no idea,

Give us a call to discuss it – you may like what we have to offer

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Some of our projects include: