Get it right before the construction starts!

It can be vitally important to have Audio visual assistance in place from the outset with the main construction process and to the selected construction companies.

For the Construction Company

The requirement for the construction company to be ahead of technology is easily seen with the introduction of BIM and the need for better liaison with suppliers and sub-contractors. Yet, even with some of the most impressive work aide systems available, many site locations still incorporate low tech and out of date practices which can actually contribute to slowing down projects or faulty results.

Most construction sites have office complexes for meetings and work. It is in these offices that everyone gathers from new site personnel and contractors being given training and inductions, to client / architect / supplier / contractor / H & S etc. meetings and discussions.

The addition of simple tools and systems can help to facilitate these in such a way as to make coordinated communications and working a simple matter. Interactive LED screens with wireless connectivity means that in a meeting, everyone can connect to a screen via any mobile device to show their plans, drawings and spreadsheets; the interactive elements means that those plans and drawings can be annotated on electronically and shared with all who require them; simple video conferencing and connectivity systems means that anyone can participate from anywhere – no more postponing meanings and project progress for days because someone can’t make the journey; remote controlled networked digital signage means that site information and H&S states can be instantly upgraded and viewed by all site attendees; simple site registration systems ensure personnel and visitor locations are recorded.

The list goes on – all of these systems are cost effective and can be moved on to the next locations as and when required

For the Construction Project

Ensuring the right solutions are recommended and specified before the build programme is vitally important. Most of these have been outlined in the Architectural and Design section.

For the construction manager, knowing that an element of the build is right for the expected use is vital – that a wall is strong enough for the proposed videowall system; ceilings have the right structures for suspended equipment, the channels under the floor go the right way for the cable infrastructure; the lights, power and network points are in the right location; the aperture of the cut out area in a wall is the right size for the inset LED screen.

At Phoenix AV, we are able to work closely with all the members of any project from the client, architects, construction and suppliers through our AV Design programmes to ensure everyone has the right information and understanding where AV systems and solutions are concerned.

Construction Training Software

Phoenix AV have partnered with Gaia to offer the outstanding Gaia Virtual Construction training software.

Offering a 3D look at a construction site, the software allows it to be used for training, toolbox talks, testing and much more. The software can be loaded onto PCs and laptops and used on site.

The subject covers all aspects of the construction site from the various trades, the tools they use, health and safety issues, equipment, procedures, PPE and much much more, all with interactive interaction from the users. Walk through a building site and identify various practices, look for hazards or drive a fork lift truck. See what other trades do, complete tests on fire extinguishers, soil and waste types – just some of the features.

Perfect to trainer led learning or for self-learning.

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Services include:

  • Consultation reports
  • AV Design Reports
  • System Specification Checks against Architectural / Client Requirements
  • Project Management and Liaison
  • Documentation and Checks for H & S / Build Schedules
  • First Fix Installation and Programming
  • Supply & Installation of Site AV Equipment
    • Digital Signage Information Screens
    • Interactive Meeting Space Solutions
    • Video conferencing

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