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What considerations are needed for the
Consumer Market?

Showcasing the Product

Much of the emphasis within these sectors is about showcasing the products, merchandise or services on offer to a wider, mobile audience in public areas. Remember, this sector covers a wider range than just the high street shop with additional requirements for restaurants and cafeterias; open public spaces both indoor and out; information points; distribution centres, emergency rooms and more, the list goes on.

Consequently, the main audio-visual systems reviewed tend to be for digital signage, videowalls and other display media, wayfinding and information solutions. These include point of sale kiosks and interactive touch information screens which need to be both robust and easy to operate.

For in-store displays, latest technologies include the transparent screen and display cases allowing for presentation and advertising to be played on see through cabinet windows, (Click for Video Example 1)  (Click for Video Example 2)  whilst 3D holographic displays and augmented reality can really grab the customers attention and imagination, all of which Phoenix AV can assist with in conjunction with our associate partners.

Behind the Scenes

Of course, the public facing aspects are only part of the requirement. Companies still require their meeting and training facilities. For larger retail outlets, these could involve employee training facilities for POS as well as offices designed to allow for multi-site communication and collaboration.


Our provisions include:

  • All audio visual systems and solutions
  • All Formats and Sizes of Standalone and Networked Digital Signage
  • Transparent Display Cases and Cabinets
  • Transparent Intelligent Glass Solutions
  • Interactive Kiosks for Information, Point-of-Sale and more
  • 3D and Holographic Marketing Solutions and Devices

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