Bespoke Operations Manuals

At Phoenix AV, we introduced a bespoke Operations Handbook for the more complex projects we designed and delivered. This helped our clients in that they had an easy to refer to guide for system operations.

It also meant that any new staff members or system operators did not require a comprehensive training schedule or be ‘thrown in at the deep end’ but could get to grips with the system from the handbook.

Due to its popularity, we are now offering these as a ‘stand-alone’ service for new and existing clients for their in-house systems.

Site Visit

A site visit would be arranged and carried out with the relevant staff members and systems:
  • Take photographs of any equipment / controllers for inclusion in the manual
  • Obtain any specialist system diagrams for inclusion as reference data *
  • Review any existing support and maintenance programmes **
  • Ascertain the level of the proposed users’ capabilities and knowledge base
  • Discuss and agree the manual’s format and content
* If no diagrams available – additional site time may be required to produce these ourselves
** If no maintenance support in place – we may be able to offer various levels of support

Production of Manual

The manual will be completed as a hard copy with optional electronic versions available.

  • Options include A5 (recommended) or A4 size formats.
  • Standard version is contained in a Slip Case for extra protection; non-cased versions available *
  • Standard or customised printed covers and tab dividers **
  • Multiple copies available

Standard Composition

The standard manual is composed of the following sections. These can be further customized if required.

  • This section contains the actual operating procedures and instructions.
  • It allows any new user to recognise and understand what the equipment or system is and the method of operating it *
  • The section contains dual reference pages so images can be easily aligned with the relevant text **
  • Ascertain the level of the proposed users’ capabilities and knowledge base
  • Discuss and agree the manual’s format and content
  • This section contains the more technical information required by service support teams and includes registers of serial numbers, warranties and any available system diagrams.
  • Blank templates allow the user to record any equipment changes and new serial, warranty and specification details *
  • This section contains simple to follow fault finding charts based on YES / NO flow diagrams.
  • The charts allow non-technical users to ascertain where a problem or fault may lie before calling for potentially costly support *
  • This section contains any relevant project documentation from the original install.
  • Any changes and updates can be entered into this section ensuring all information is easily found and kept within the system*
  • This section contains details of any ongoing maintenance and support agreements for the period of their validity.
  • Templates are provided to record any maintenance visits, call-outs, procedures, issues and resolutions*

Training & Assessment Documentation

If required, we can convert the manuals to either:

  • Sections on the equipment and operational systems
  • Relevant questionnaires for testing and assessments*
  • Sections on the equipment and operational systems
  • Handling and safety procedures*
  • Inspection and check pages*

We invite you to call us to discuss your requirements

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