AV System Design

Why is AV Systems Design so important?


To ensure you get the best possible solution to fit your needs!

Too often, companies are provided a solution that is more in keeping with the AV provider’s wishes than the client’s needs. With AV products such as projectors and LED screens becoming a high street or quick website purchase at cheap pricing, the ‘hang and bang’ mentality is still being perpetuated.

“Quote it quick ‘n’ cheap, shove it up and move on”

This is NOT and NEVER WAS our approach!

In fact, the opposite is and will always be the case. With innovations in technology and AV becoming an integral part of any new build, more time needs to be taken to ensure the systems are properly designed and integrated into the infrastructure, for both technical reliability and aesthetics.

Innovation is everywhere…    use your imagination!

At Phoenix AV, we take the time to keep up to date with the latest in technology. Even then, there have been times when we have had to go searching for ideas that are not always obvious and consequently  provide solutions in innovative ways.
That is why each of our projects are bespoke and several have won our clients National Recognition and Awards.

What is the point of the latest technology if you don’t know how to use it?

By working with our clients and getting to know them, we can recommend and design solutions to fit their needs and style of operation and work, as well ab being easy to learn and operate.

We ensure that we provide the right training and ongoing support so that the systems continue to be used and function in the way intended.

At Phoenix AV

  • We work with you to understand your methods of working and operation
  • We research the current systems and technologies for suitability
  • We look for ideas to facilitate your requirement if a specialised solution is required
  • We recommend the best and most appropriate solutions to match budgets and long term sustainability

  • We design a solution that will provide for your requirements now and in the future
  • We offer alternatives and options for upgrade now or at a later date
  • We are not tied to any brand, product or manufacturer nor do we accept exclusion incentives from them, thus ensuring true and unbiased recommendations to clients
  • We provide one point of contact able to make executive decisions for your management

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