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What considerations are needed for the
Architectural & Design elements of a Project?

For modern new build projects, the architectural design and aesthetic appeal take on new values and importance. With new building materials and methods of construction, getting it right from the outset is vital.

Unfortunately, this is not always recognised where features such as integrated audio-visual systems are concerned. Quite often, there is still an attitude of ‘once it’s built and handed over, then consider the AV requirements afterwards as it’s no longer our problem’

The consequences; the possibility of not having the right equipment installed or worse still, having to re-build certain elements at extra cost to fit what might be perceived a vital piece of equipment.

So what are the dangers?

A Scenario

Let’s consider a known example. The building of a large auditorium. The architects in question do not listen to the AV supplier as their priority is the aesthetics – the overall look and feel. The client doesn’t know any better so the AV is cobbled to fit the final build.

The visitors arrive and spend 30 minutes admiring the building, aesthetics, pictures and accoutrements, then sit for the next 2 hours listening to poor sound reproduction caused by bad acoustic design due to no liaison and coordination between all concerned.

At the end, what do the guests remember? The fact that they liked the look of the place or the fact that they had to sit through an awful production? They won’t care whose fault it is, they just know it was a poor experience.

So, what can be done?

We at Phoenix AV look to work with architects, designers, construction companies and the clients from the outset to advise on the scope and capability of Audio Visual systems. Gentle reminders such as the fact that the hardware cannot be stretched to fit an enclosure, the enclosure needs to be designed around the hardware; provision of weights and measurements for build safety and aesthetics; recommendation of specific equipment for specific tasks; provision of drawings and plans for stress loading on walls and ceilings; advice on installation requirements, first fix, in-wall / above ceiling / under floor cable routes, position of power and network points. The list goes on.

All of this needs to be considered and coordinated from the start of the project, not part way through and certainly not at the end of the designing phase. Getting it right can save a great deal of time, heartache, cost and embarrassment.

At the end of the planning stage, our AV Design reports can then be used by the client for RFQ / ITT purposes if required or as our quote to complete the project ourselves

Services include:

  • Site Surveys and System Recommendations
  • Consultation Reports
  • AV Design Reports  (Example)
  • System Specification Checks against Architectural / Client Requirements
  • Project Management and Liaison
  • Documentation and Quotes for ITT / RFQ

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Some of our projects include:

  • FaulknerBrowns Architects – City Electrical Factors Head Office
  • FaulknerBrowns Architects – Bangor University Menai Science Park