AV solutions
to meet YOUR requirements

Phoenix AV Solutions Ltd provides an innovative
Total Audio Visual Solutions service.

Phoenix AV Solutions has over 23 years of experience by the management in audio visual systems and solutions, presentation delivery and technical training..

We have been at the forefront in technology changes and advances throughout the years from the Overhead projector to present day interactive and collaborative technologies, 3D, Augmented Reality and Holograms..

We continue to maintain that push for knowledge and experience as it ensures we can continue to offer our clients innovative and award winning audio visual solutions to their projects.

By limiting our AV projects and avoiding concurrent work, we can focus on individual clients, ensuring they have our full attention and services at all times..

Furthermore, we maintain open relationships and partnerships with all technology brands, manufacturers and suppliers which means we can provide an honest and unbiased recommendation of technologies to fit your requirements..

We believe our previous clients and their case studies will speak for themselves, some of which can be viewed via this website.

We invite you to call us and talk through your project.

It’s free to chat and you may just like what we have to say and offer.

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