Wide ranging installation expertise available

Phoenix AV retain a number of in-house installation personnel who can take the lead on any project.

However, we accept that each project is different and can call on different levels or specialist expertise. It would require a very large number of employees to retain that level of expertise along with the administration support; that means a substantial increase in overheads, reflected in the possible increase in pricing. It also means, we could end up taking all and any project just to meet those overheads, thus taking us away from our core provision which is to have time for our clients.

Consequently, we do work with a number of external specialist companies who can support us for specific project solutions. These are companies with who we have built an extremely close relationship, so our working practices are integrated, we ensure we maintain the high standards of training and qualifications required and have excellent communications between us.

In this way, we can maintain the diversity of service and choice to our clients rather than force them into a narrow field of our thinking. It also means that we can, if required, take on a wider range of project services including some areas outside general AV requirements such as network infrastructure and I.T. provisions.

As a UKAS ISO accredited company, we ensure we maintain stringent high standards and demand that of any company we associate and work with.

Company and Personnel

Our company and operatives comply with all required H & S and construction requirements including: